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We’re pleased to announce pre-publication of Amp the Airy Void. This is a new book by the formidable poet prankster, Robert Lane Wilder (aka “KC”). Mr. Wilder is the founder of a musical, surreal style he calls Fauxbrow.

George Grosz: a poem by Robert Lane Wilder

George Grosz rearranged and reinvented imagery.
Into human folly, grasping zeitgeist by the throat…
he took apart convention and conformity poignantly.
Nailing its reality, civilization in decline.

Pointing out pointlessness,
the evils of an ugly age.
Grosz, a peerless visionary zeroed in…
exposing all the underpinnings of corruption.

Skillfully he’d spotlight this milieu,
its grim chokehold…
Grosz unequaled social critic
prescient, he foretold.

Everyday I trudge around
disgusted much like him,
social failures wreaking havoc
without and within.

Bureaucrats, pervasive
corporate robots waving fists,
clearing out the best and brightest
from within our midst.


Above illustration by George Grosz, originally done in 1932
for Bertolt Brecht’s children’s book, The Three Soldiers


-All text above- copyright 2017 by Robert Lane Wilder